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Relief Funding for Covid-19


Update on Unemployment Requirements...

The active search for work requirement was temporarily suspended by Governor Ige at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the economy has begun to recover and COVID-19 cases continue to drop as more individuals are vaccinated, the active search for work requirement is being reinstated.

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Unemployment Insurance benefits for self-employed persons and bona fide independent contractors are covered through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program under THE CARES Act. You can complete the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance application by visiting
> > > > To apply for the PUA program please go to
For PUA FAQs go to:

Family Life Center is extending Emergency Rental Assistance to Maui families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Covid-19 Emergency Rental Assistance

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maui county rental housing assistance fl
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